OS Headphones V1

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The latest and improved Version of our OS HEADPHONES (V2) can be found HERE

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The new and improved Version of our OS HEADPHONES (V2) can be found HERE

LIMITED to 3 Headphones MAXIMUM Per Customer due to high demand.

OS HEADPHONES is revolutionizing the way you hear your audio experience. Experience automatic playback when your headphones are put on and automatic pausing when they aren't being used, so you never miss a beat! Simply put them back in the included charging case for a quick re-charge! 

Now you can enjoy your music or phone calls without an annoying cable getting snagged, tangled up or in your way. These Wireless EarPods deliver rich, clear sound while also being small and light so you won’t even feel them.


  • Compatible with all iPhones and Android phones
  • FREE Shipping Worldwide
  • High Quality Sound + Bluetooth 5.0 Capabilities
  • Quick charging capacity and easy to setup
  • Professionally designed and trimmed to perfection
  • Fits in your ear perfectly and securely - workout approved
  • Charging Case & charging cable are included
  • "One Touch" Smart Touch - Allows you to: Play, Pause, Answer phone calls, Turn on/off, Redial, Hang up and Skip tracks
  • Smart Battery: Up to 5 hours of wireless enjoyment on a single charge and up to 24 hours of battery life with our mobile charging box. Our intelligent chip technology has a built-in power-off switch when you're disconnected for more than 5 minutes.



  1. Pair Of Headphones (Left + Right) 
  2. Charging Case + Charging wires
  3. User ManualSecure with mCafe